I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa for two photo shoots. The first was for my youngest daughter’s first birthday and oldest daughter’s 6th birthday.  She did an amazing job with both ages. They were just having fun while she captured their cuteness! My 6 year old didn’t want the experience to end because she had gotten to put her toes in a small creek and swing from vines!  
The second experience was for our family photos. We do this once a year and it is always a source of tension…what to wear, getting my husband to not grumble about it, trying to suck in and smile at the same time…you know the drill. But Melissa made the process so fun! She even managed to get my husband to climb through a giant hollow tree stump without a single complaint!
For both sessions, she made it comfortable, enjoyable, and the pictures turned out AMAZING! Can’t say enough good stuff about her “camera-side manner” and her talent.Leigh Ann Napier
It was tough to find a great photographer to shoot our newborn twins because I knew they’d be premature, but I had no idea when.  I contacted Melissa based on a mutual friend’s recommendation just days before she came and I’m so glad I did. She was the professional we hoped to have in our home.  Melissa arrived on time with props, ideas, and a great attitude!  She was willing to listen to our preferences and helped create beautiful portraits for our walls. We received a CD of our retouched photos in less than a week and they were amazing!  She captured their tiny personalities and doted on them the entire time. We’ve received many compliments on our photos and have Melissa to thank. I can’t wait to have her take more photos of our precious boys. Kristy Blackwell


Melissa has taken photos for me and my family twice now and both were truly wonderful experiences.

When I was pregnant I didn’t think I wanted maternity photos at all, but after hearing others talking about how much they loved having theirs, or regrets that they hadn’t gotten any taken, I thought I would ask my best friend Melissa to do me the favor. Even though I felt huge and unattractive at 33 weeks along, she somehow made me look great and made memories for my husband and I to keep forever. 

After our little one was born my parents wanted to get some big group family pictures done and my mind jumped straight to Melissa. I knew she would do a great job and that my family would be comfortable with her. The pictures blew mine and my parents’ expectations out of the water. Somehow she had managed to take beautiful photos of a big family that included my awkward 9 year old brother and a sleepy 4 month old.

Melissa is not only clearly talented at photography, but her encouragement and creativity is super helpful during the shoots. Being a very non-creative person I loved that she came to our maternity photo shoot with fun ideas and cute props. She took the initiative to do things I never would have thought of, and all of the ideas turned into awesome pictures! The other truly amazing thing about Melissa is that she is so sweet and quiet, but could command the attention of my big family when she needed to. She didn’t allow for ambiguity or guessing on our end which made for an efficient and productive photo shoot. This leadership and sweetness are two gifts that so rarely come together!

All in all I would recommend Melissa to anyone, anytime, anywhere. She is professional, talented, great to work with and truly an artist. I am so glad that I chose her to capture some of the most important memories of my life thus far! 

Ashley Harrison