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wedding day morning || austin, tx

Oh getting ready photos are some of my favorites! I love seeing the bride get all dolled up and pampered… it’s just kind of magical. This time around was even more magical because it was such a dear friend of mine! Crystal and I have been friends for eleven years. We met in a dorky high school class and kind of haven’t stopped laughing since! This girl is so full of joy and is even more beautiful on the inside – which is saying something because she is stunning!

The morning started with relaxing, making boutonnieres and then heading to Ulta to get hair and make-up done. Excellent wedding day morning, right? Like I said, these are some of my favorite photos throughout the day so this post is purely dedicated to that ๐Ÿ™‚


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flower shopping || austin, tx

Crystal was one of the most laid-back and thriftiest brides I’ve seen. She wanted to check out fresh flowers at the store the day before the wedding to decide what the centerpieces and bouquets would consist of. She hoped for peonies, even though it wasn’t the season for them. That’s the significance of those photos – it was pretty exciting when we found them! She chose a handful of those for special areas in the wedding – one in her hair, one for the groom’s boutonniere, you get it. Then we walked around choosing favorites and trying them out alongside other favorites to see what meshed and what didn’t. She ended up walking out of there spending $100 for all of the ridiculously beautiful flowers in her wedding! I am always so impressed by her. These are some of my favorite shots from this shop!


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Austin, TX Farmers Market

This past weekend my husband, youngest son and I traveled to Austin! My very dear friend got married and that gave me the push I needed to buy us some plane tickets. Austin is such a fun city, the people are crazy friendly and I love the hippy-ness that just lingers everywhere. One afternoon we got to wander around the city – it was so fun! We went to the farmer’s market, ate at almost every food truck we found, and even rode one of those bike taxis! So fun. I’m going to break our trip down into a few different posts – first up: the market and a bit of downtown! Next up: the flower shop ๐Ÿ™‚



thanks to my sweet hubs for this last one!

Our family

One of my goals this year (well, two of my goals!) was to blog more… and take more photos of my own kids! Things are so fun – and a little crazy! – with three little ones. They get along for the most part really well and I can already they are learning some invaluable interpersonal skills just from having someone else around 100% of the time. They’re getting lots of practice with things like sharing and learning to communicate needs and everything else. Really it’s so fun to watch! They’ve also adjusted really well to us being a family of 5. That’s one area I’ve noticed having three is easier than having two! When I am busy with baby related tasks my bigger kids have someone to play with!ย Going out and about is not so much easier with three but being home with them is surprisingly easier than I imagined. ๐Ÿ™‚


These are some photos from today – with an emphasis on baby Jude! He is five months old even though I feel like he was born yesterday and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of him earlier! These kiddos were my first models and will always be my most favorite ones, you’ll probably be seeing more of them around here ๐Ÿ™‚



Price Family || Lexington, KY Family Photography

I had the honor of taking maternity pictures with this family as well as Parkers newborn photos and most recently his three month photos! It is so miraculous to see how quickly little ones grow. For our newborn session this little guys never even opened his eyes he was so sleepy and new! It was wonderful to see him take in more of his surroundings and even more wonderful to watch his parents dote on him! Here are some of my favorites from our three month session, I hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in a package for newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year photos contact me and we can set it up!