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Lifestyle Sessions

These are genuine lifestyle sessions, in your space doing the things that you love to do with your family. Capturing those beautiful moments that so often go unseen. We all know each day with your family is such a treasure. We’ve heard it ten thousand times that life goes by entirely too fast. I know sometimes everything can feel mundane and overwhelming or just messy. But that’s where the good stuff hides. The comfort in the mundane and the joy of being together and being home. THAT is the stuff I am excited to capture. The kids fingers and toes that are growing much too quickly, those big belly laughs, the quiet, thoughtful moments, the snuggles, the way they still fit in your lap. The possibilities are endless… baking, board games, movie snuggles, reading together, playing in the backyard. Capturing my kids when they are lost in moments of play is what made me fall in love with photography and that style is what I want to share with your families. I have a gift of finding those sweet moments and the beauty that hides in the messy. I will give minimal direction in these sessions, but will assist or prompt when needed. I want you to get an outside view of the beauty in your everyday moments.

We will chat before this session and come up with a perfect game plan for what our session will look like. These are completely individualized sessions to your family! These sessions will take place in your home (or another space that is comfortable and familiar to your family) and will last about 2 hours. We dream up these sessions together and plan what activities will work together. All edited digital images from our session included + an 11x14 print of your choice.


Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 to schedule a time for your own lifestyle session!

$ 2 7 5


F A M I L Y  p o r t r a i t  s e s s i o n s


Family sessions with the people you love most! These are an alternative to the lifestyle sessions in that they are more posed in nature. I come prepared with posing ideas, silly jokes and props to get genuine smiles from mom and dad and kiddos alike. These are 60 minutes and lots of FUN! Our location can be a place that is special to your family or I will choose a beautiful space for us. Engagement sessions would fall into this category as well! All edited digital images are included from our session together + an 11x14 print of your favorite image.

Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 to schedule a time for your next family portrait session!

$ 2 0 0


F R E S H f o u r t y e i g h t

These are sessions done in the hospital within the first 48 hours of your little ones arrival! There is nothing like those precious first moments with your babies. You will look back on your tired faces and messy hair and treasure it ALL. (Trust me!) These are more candid in nature and can definitely include older siblings! All edited digital images are included.

Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 to schedule a time for your own fresh 48!

$ 1 5 0


M I L E S T O N E s e s s i o n s

Let me capture your little one as they grow and develop all sorts of new milestones in their first year! This includes four sessions: a newborn session (more details below), another when baby can hold their head up (around 4 months), when they can sit up unassisted but aren’t crawling yet (around 7 months), and a ONE year birthday session (with a cake if mom gives the OK). These are scheduled when baby hits different milestones so you don’t miss a thing that first year.

Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 to schedule a time for your little ones milestone sessions!

$ 6 0 0


N E W B O R N  s e s s i o n s

I love lifestyle newborn sessions. Capturing you with your brand new little one. These are scheduled within baby’s first 14 days in your home. I do not bring any props but instead like to work with things in your home that are special to you! These are laid-back sessions with plenty of wiggle room for diaper changes and feeding sessions if need be! Because I am a firm believer in having access to all your photos whenever you need them all edited digital images are included. A 11x14 of your favorite image is also included!

Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 to schedule a time for your newborn session!

$2 5 0




W E D D I N G p a c k a g e s

Wedding packages start at $1500. Contact me at melissanrossini@gmail.com or 859-982-3450 for more information!

Questions about your session?

If you have any specific questions, send them my way! I would love the opportunity to get together and chat about what would best suite your needs. I’ve photographed birthday parties, boudoir sessions, birth photography, headshots and so many others – it is a passion of mind to work with others and create images that they are proud of and feel gorgeous in.