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Saraya & Ethan || Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Saraya and Ethan are such a sweet couple! It was so wonderful getting the chance to meet them and hear more about their story. They are getting married this fall and I love hearing wedding plans as they are all coming together. These two work hard and love each other well. It was so sweet watching them together and capturing their engagements recently!


tucker family || georgetown, ky photographer

Haley and Adam are such dear friends. Haley and I had a lot of mutual friends and we happened to live in the same town (surprisingly none of the other mutual friends do!) but we decided to meet up and sort of have a book club. Right off the bat we had deep conversations about hopes and fears, prayers and doubts and I so loved that I had found a friend where we didn’t need the small talk to get to the good stuff. We just jumped right into the good stuff. I am so grateful for her friendship. It certainly had it’s waves of times we were together and waves where we were consumed with our own families due to several new kiddos being added to the mix but at the core the friendship is still there and so sweet.

Adam recently got a pretty exciting job offer in pretty exciting Seattle. They packed up their home and moved their family across the country and I am so very excited for them as they are on this fun adventure together. I knew I wanted to do something for them to try to commemorate their time in this house so we had a fun mini session in their empty house. They brought some favorite books and games and of course we had to have a little dance party for good measure, too.


Tucker family, I just love you so. I am praying big for you guys as you settle in to Seattle.


Constance & Phillip || Stamping Ground, KY Wedding Photographer

When I first met with Constance and Phillip to go over some wedding details I got so excited when I heard the wedding was going to be on Phillips family farm. How perfect is that? On wedding day I was driving to the farm and was overcome with so much joy when I saw those sunflowers in the shape of a “P”! I knew I had arrived to a very special wedding. There was the most beautiful sunflowers everywhere, there were even sunflower seeds for the guests to take and plant at home.

Constance was an incredibly laid-back bride and was all smiles, all day. Guests began to arrive and sat under umbrellas on hay bales and it was all just so perfect. Constance & Phillip were married in front of a large pond on the family farm with their closest friends and families there to cheer them on.

Their reception was lovely. It was an intimate laid-back dinner with lots of space to connect and laugh and enjoy each others company. Constance and Phillip cut their wedding cake and then they did something I’ve never seen a bride and groom do before – they personally served all of their guests (& caterers!) a slice of cake. Isn’t that so special? I think it speaks volumes into their character and I am so excited for their lives to be joined. Constance and Phillip – thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day! You two are one special couple!!


Flowers: Blooms N Blossoms LLC

Cake: The Cake Lady

Reception: Wilshires




Moody Family || Georgetown, KY Family Photographer

As I walked to our location to scope out some excellent spots for our session I was overwhelmed with how HOT it was! But Britton and Tyler came down with their perfect little red head completely happy and excited for our session. These two have known each other for ages, went to school together and told me some of the hot spots in our little town when they were in high school. They are so much fun to be around – you know when you leave a session and just know you want to become better friends? That’s how I felt the whole time with this crew. Also, as a red head (with zero red headed children!) I was so enamored with this girls hair! It’s curly and red and perfect. She loved exploring and checking things out with her patient daddy and it was a total joy to watch. I love watching kids explore nature – it’s one of my favorite things. Plus, this girl got to go to the fair after our session and I’ll just say I’m definitely not above bribing kids for smiles ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a fun session. Thank you Moody family for hanging with me in the summer heat! I hope you love your images!!


Zack & Sarah || Wilmore, KY Wedding Photographer

Zack and Sarah are so perfect for each other I can hardly stand it. We’ve known Zack and his family for years and we had been hoping for years that he would find a fantastic girl to be his wife… and man! These two compliment each other in all of the best ways. Their story is so special because their lives have been weaved together in so many different ways starting when they were young. Their families were neighbors and remained close friends. Zack and Sarah met at a church event a couple years ago and they both separately said the moment they reconnected they knew they had found their mate. I am just so thrilled for them.

Their wedding day was gorgeous, it started with some honeymoon travel plans having to be re-coordinated, and their were some sound and electrical issues that seemed to pop up but you know what? It didn’t phase anyone a single bit. Everyone was all smiles throughout everything because the important thing was watching these two join their lives together. It was such a special day and I am so grateful to have been able to capture it start to finish.


Wedding Venue: Highbridge Park

Wedding Dress: Meant-to-Be Boutique