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library day || closer look

Oh we love to read around here. Once a week we hit up our local library and check out a healthy amount of books. Walking back to the car is usually a struggle – I bet it’s humorous watching me wrangle my two sons and a giant bag filled with books back to my van! BUT that trek is totally worth it. It’s one of my favorite days because when we get home all of my kids sit and gobble up these books for at least an hour. It’s the funnest thing to watch! My daughter is reading now and she feels so proud of herself with each new book that she reads unassisted. I love watching her read and giggle at the different stories. I pick out special ones with each kiddo in mind and she always asks, “which ones are for me!” My oldest is now into fiction books and completely absorbs facts about plants and animals – he teaches me new amazing things all the time because of how often he reads! And my little boys? Pick any book with a construction vehicle – or any vehicle! – and they will almost always sit on my lap and listen to the story again and again (and again!)

This is such a normal activity for our family and I realized I haven’t photographed it! It gave me so much joy to open up the windows, get out my camera and capture my kids reading to each other and just enjoying all our fun new library books for the week. Plus, this is something I definitely never want to forget. Our family at this stage is so very fun and I am so grateful!


abney family || georgetown, ky lifestyle photographer

I pulled up to their home for our session and they were already outside swinging on the porch swing. Oh how excited for this session that made me! I chatted with Jen about the flow of our session and we got right to it! Daddy and the kiddos worked together to make lemonade and how sweet is it to watch little ones help in the kitchen and see older siblings help the younger siblings, it’s a perfect design! I loved watching them in their space that they were so comfortable in. Then the boys played with mommy and snuggled and looked at books and there was so much laughing and tickles! It was such a fun afternoon getting a glimpse into the Abney household. I’m so excited for them to have these images to look back on and remember pieces of this season of their life. What a beautiful thing!


Lifestyle sessions can be filled with absolutely anything that your family loves to do together – that’s the beauty of it! The options are endless. We can work together to come up with ideas and a flow for the session. Contact me at with any questions or to schedule your own!


kolb family || georgetown, ky lifestyle photography

Oh I am so excited to start offering L I F E S T Y L E sessions! Genuine lifestyle sessions, in your space doing the things that you love to do with your family. Capturing those beautiful moments that so often go unseen. Listen, each day with your family is such a treasure. We’ve heard it ten thousand times but life goes by entirely too fast. I know sometimes everything can feel mundane and overwhelming or just messy. But that’s where the good stuff hides. The comfort in the mundane and the joy of being together and being home. THAT is the stuff I am excited to capture. The kids fingers and toes that are growing much too quickly, those big belly laughs, the quiet, thoughtful moments, the snuggles, the way they still fit in your lap. The possibilities are endless… baking, board games, movie snuggles, reading together, playing in the backyard. Capturing my kids when they are lost in moments of play is what made me fall in love with photography and that style is what I want to share with your families. I have a gift of finding those sweet moments and the beauty that hides in the messy.


I am thrilled to share my most recent session with you. The Kolb family! These kiddos were so excited to have me over for this session. They shared so many of their unique talents with me. I loved seeing their family dynamic and capturing things that are a part of their normal routine. They had a checkers match and their self-titled king me dance will never be forgotten. They read books in bed with lots of snuggles and even got to jump on mom and dads bed at the end of our session. It was a blast. Thank you, Kolb family for allowing me in on your family time and capturing these moments for you all!


If you want to schedule your own lifestyle session, let’s make it happen! I have a special on these until October, so contact me now if you have an idea for your own lifestyle session!




Tucker Family || Georgetown, KY Family Photographer

I met Haley a little over a year ago and it was such a timely friendship. We both were stay at home moms itching for connection with the outside world! We started a Jennie Allen book, just the two of us and we became fast friends as we were both so open and eager to grow in our relationships with the Lord. This led to our whole families being friends and I am just so thankful for this sweet family! Haley is a dynamite chef and is passionate about serving in this way – she has brought my family dinner when I was having a hard day – more than once. Haley is also the first mama I’ve ever known to nurse two babies at once! Such a beautiful thing. Total rockstar mom all the way around. She and Adam make the best team and it is a total joy watching them with Ruby and now baby Leo! I had the best time with their family for this session – I hope you enjoy it as well!

To schedule your own lifestyle family session, contact me, I’d love to work with you! 🙂